About // Ms Lola.


Lola LePaon

I became the resident sex columnist for LimiteMagazine.com in 2012, though recognition for my erotic writing is not new. The editor in chief approached me about filling the column position some years ago after noticing my strong social networking presence as an erotic blogger (47k+ at that time on MySpace.) The timing wasn't right at that moment, but luckily for me when it was, the position became available.

Being a sex columnist is not without its perks, as I am able to attend porn expos and swinger clubs in the name of research, but my dedication to enhancing people's sexual health and embracing their sexuality is a responsibility I take seriously. I recently expanded my brand to include a YouTube channel where I dole out advice via video responding to "Dear Lola" letters fans email me. The channel also includes sex toy reviews as well as my "Slurred Word" series - readings of my erotica after a shot of liquid courage. My ebook, "Playlist of My Australian Lips" will be available April 4, 2014 for iBook, Kindle, Nook, etc